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Disowned by Her Family After Marrying a Black Man…with Guest Teree Harrison

April 30, 2021

The thing about white privilege is that white people don’t see it.  “White privilege” doesn’t mean your life hasn’t been hard, it simply means that your skin color isn’t one of the things making it harder.
This series is meant to share experiences of real people who have experienced racism and still experience it. The goal is to shine a light so that we ALL see it and take actionable steps to do something about it.


Teree Harrison is a Certified Mastery Facilitator Higher Brain Living – with Higher Brain Living you upgrade your mind and learn how to use the inner technology to upgrade your life.
Teree was raised very traditional, with patriarchal, ‘lily white’ values. She was raised with bias against anyone who was not Caucasian and Catholic.

Teree’s parents moved the family out of Denver Public Schools when forced busing went into effect. The family moved to a very white school district.

Teree was in her early 20’s when she ‘bucked the system’. She joined the Army shortly the Women’s Army Corp was disbanded and all units were integrated with men.

While in Signal School in Augusta Georgia, she met her husband Charles, who is African American, and it was 1980. They married in 1981, a mere year and a half after is was ‘made legal’ for them to do so.

Teree’s education on ‘race relations’ started at that time. She experienced eye-opening events. She began to really understand what ‘White Privilege” meant. Listen in as she shares her story…

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