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Don’t Give Up On Your Dream with Guest Shantha Mony

April 30, 2021

Shantha Mony is a Group Travel Specialist, a Speaker, and an Author.  She gave up a successful corporate career to grow her company Luxury Destinations Concierge. Her passion is to educate people on the value of travel experiences and inspire people to travel and see the world.  

Luxury Destinations Concierge is your Travel concierge for International Retreats, Seminars, Family Reunions, and Fundraising trips both on land as well as at Sea. They take away all the guesswork of planning so that their clients can have peace of mind that everything has been handled. From the initial planning till the completion of the trip, they are there for them.  You can reach Shantha at www.LuxuryDestinationsConcierge.com 


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